Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rockers Team !

2 Days, 3 people, special flies and rock, this is the recipe !

Spy ... : ))))

Grayling ... special nymph !

Zsolt is teaching us how to catch a grayling

Trout world

New style .... "S" style

Smyle to the camera ...grayling

Lesson 2... how to take a picture

After a hard day . ..

Extreme flyfishing

Mreana vanata ...

Brocolli"s style ... Send me a postcard :)

Resting ...

Please tell me .... the winner flyes ....

1 comment:

alinpescarul said...

Buna ziua, pesti acestia au fost prinsi in romania? Sper sa nu va supere intrebarea mea, dar nu am vazut asemenea poze cu pesti prinsi la muste artificiale!